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Sierra Team is under attack by a small Covenant ground force. With the Warthog gun removed to transport their Anti-Air turret, Sierra Team will have to get creative to defeat the Covenant attack.

Related: N/ADisplay Video Comments Hide Video Comments Add CommentLatest comments made on this video:thank you, that ...By: kevin steel. on 02 Aug 12, 15:14:57thank you, that made it much easier to proccess,? take your time if your planning to make any more, ok? because youl get last place in contests.Cannoneer sees ...By: EmpyreanMachinima. on 02 Aug 12, 01:00:56Cannoneer sees Covenant incoming, Sniper sends move out signal, Warthogs move out, Ghosts move out, Spartan hijacks ghost, Sniper snipes elite, Warthog gets shot over, Driver shoots Brute, Sniper snipes Grunt(Birthday Party? sound), Spartan picks up Shotgunner, Elite sniper snipes Spartan that hijacked Ghost, Cannoneer shoots Elite Sniper, Spartans save day. Record time of 30 seconds. And yes, I was impatient because it was for a contest that was ending soon.your unpatient, and ...By: kevin steel. on 01 Aug 12, 22:48:38your unpatient, and you must be EXTREMELY? patient to do this. and its not good at all, please, explain every scene to me in under 5 minutes, id like to see you try.Cool story bro. I ...By: EmpyreanMachinima. on 01 Aug 12, 20:37:48Cool story bro. I made it fast-paced, so if you can''t follow it, you obviously don''t have much brain power. And of course it''s unprofessional. It was my first stop motion, but I thought it was good for a year ago, and I do think it''s still? good for my first.this stop animation ...By: kevin steel. on 01 Aug 12, 19:08:17this stop animation is so horrible that it should not be seen by anybody, i had no idea what the fuck was going on half the time, i would say this video is unprofessional and low.?

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